Why No Ads?

As you might have noticed, this site doesn't have any ads on it, and as shocking as that might seem to some, since clearly it would be a pretty good source of revenue. When it comes to ads, there is always a catch.

Let's say we went the Google ad route, pretty simple, we don't have to find any advertisers ourselves, and we get a nice stream of revenue, awesome, right? Well, having Google ads would add quite a bit of extra weight to our load time, and since the primary focus of all the sites/tools we make is performance, adding unnecessary computation to the site likely won't be speeding it up in anyway.

Not to mention the moral considerations that come with selling user information to the world's largest company, allowing them to continue to exploit/destroy the greatest creation in the history of the world, while also systematically corrupting the freewill of everyone, all in name of profit.

We're going to pass on that one.

So the next option would be to look for our own advertisers, and place their ads on our site. But if the recent YouTube Adpocalypse has taught us anything, it's that using ads this way will always come with strings attached. Strings that would prevent us from creating ours sites the way we want to create them, and only end up hurting the user experience. When did that stop being the most important part? Maybe we missed the memo?

So Why Have A Sponsor Then?

Well, maybe we are naïve, but we have the sneaking suspicion that the world is starting to get pretty sick of ads. It has gotten to the point where you can't even go to a site without 10 ads surrounding the 1 tiny paragraph of content, which doesn't even contain the answer you came to the site looking for in the first place. And just when you are about to go back because clearly you have been duped, another ad pops up trying to prevent you from leaving. As a society we really got to ask ourselves, when are we going to stop letting ads take over the Internet?

What value is there in having ads this way? Does anyone actually click on them? And even if they do, when they inevitably leave the ad's site frustrated that they were fooled again, both yours and the advertiser's site just lost some creditability.

With traditional ads, the site owner doesn't have much say in what is being advertised. Instead it's based off an algorithm that determines what the user is most likely to click on. Who wouldn't want to know their site was responsible for someone clicking on that no-limit credit card ad that led to copious amounts of debt and a lifetime of financial strife, at least you made the pennies from that click.

With a sponsor, we retain the right to choose who we featured on our site, allowing us to give support to a company that we actually believe in.

In a perfect world we wouldn't need, nor have a sponsor. And if we ever get to the point where that becomes a reality, we won't. But unfortunately, after the lengthy process of getting an Honours Degree in Computer Science, followed shortly by a year of intentional unemployment, spending 8-12 hours a day, 7 days a week learning everything I possibly could on Web-Development, the bills need to be paid.

If you support quality custom Web-Development, and feel like this is a product your company could get behind, check out our sponsor page.