Why Sponsor?

If you have already checked out our page on Why No Ads, you are likely thinking that sponsoring this site would be a colossal waste of time. And we don't blame you, if you do.

You won't be getting a giant click bait image above the fold, there's no Google analytics to get user information, and all you get is a small link at the bottom of the page.

What possible value is there in that?

Well, we feel quite a bit. That small link is on every page of this site. Which may seem tiny at first, but note that this site automatically creates 20 new pages every day, and then links to those same pages from various social media platforms.

That same link is also added to every palette our users create. Maybe they decide they like their palette so much, that they put it on their own site. Now that link is on another unique domain, with a unique IP address. Last time we checked, that's a pretty major SEO ranking factor. And since our footer is built dynamically through JavaScript, even if the palette was created before the link was added, the link still gets pulled through the next time the page renews it cache.

Suddenly that small link doesn't seem so small after all, does it?

Now let's think about this from the user's perspective. Rather than the usual bombardment of ads, when they visit our site, all they see is a single non-intrusive thanking to our sponsor. Since they enjoy our product, and because we haven't violated their trust by spamming them with ads every chance they get, something tells us that they might feel a little more inclined to check out the site's sponsor.

Just a thought.

So How Does Our Sponsorship Work?

Glad you asked, we haven't decided yet...

Due to the fact that this site is just starting out, we have yet to establish its reach.

We are currently collecting our own server side analytics of unique IP vists to determine the site's popularity.

Once we have, we will be better equiped to establish a suitable rate.

In the meantime, if this is something you think your company would be interest in, or if you have questions, feel free to contact us. Sorry in advance if you have trouble reading the email address, but we gotta hide it from the bots somehow.